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We receive loads of praise from our happy customers. Read through testimonials of past visitors to the park and even add your own - you could win free entry to the park for you and your family!

For your chance to win free entry for you and your family - write a testimonial

 A BIG congratulations to Sheridan Lockyer who is our lucky winner for Jan - Mar & to Sharon Page for Apr - June.                                                    We look forward to welcoming you to the park again soon. Best of luck to July - Sept entries!!! 

Anthony Brown 26-Feb-2012

Taking my daughter almost 2 years ago now when she had just turned 2 was a precious time for her seeing some of the many marine animals for the very first time. We all enjoyed ourselves on our visit and loved the dolphin shows. From the minute we walked into the gates we felt touched by the many staff that are friendly including the trainers who do a fantastic job, this shows from the happiness the marine creatures show both on their face and with sounds. An amazing journey that took up the great part of the day, I would love to bring my daughter back now shes 4 for a whole new experience again. Just Magic!

Thanks Anthony - we would love to welcome you and your family back - very soon we hope Paige Sinclair CEO

bronwyn kelso 26-Feb-2012

For years i have been going to the pet porpoise i always leave with a big smile on my face as i have a passion for marine animals esspecially dolphins i was super excited too see them everytime i went since i was 7 years old i am now 27 and i still get just as excited and i love sharing the experience with my little boy also. Its a wonderful family experience and you will not be dissapointed :)

Thanks Bronwyn - there have been a few changes in the last 10 years we hope you notice when you next visit - Paige Sinclair

Carly Dawson 26-Feb-2012

Had a great time at Pet Porpoise Pool! I got to swim with Calamity (if I remember correctly) while volunteering there in the June/July holidays last year. Even though there was a lot of dirty work to be done (so many buckets had to be cleaned!) it was all worth it when I got to swim with Calamity and play catch with all the other beautiful dolphins. I loved getting to see the smiles on everyone's faces while they fed the little penguins, reef tank animals and receiving a kiss from the cheeky seals and dolphins :). Would love to go back there some time soon!

Hi Carly - thanks for your help last winter - Paige Sinclair CEO

casie metz 26-Feb-2012

we took our 3 kids and nephew to the pet porpoise pool they all have Autism and they had the best time ever they smiled laughed and to this day they still talk about the place with the dolphins i highly recomend the pet porpoise pool for anyone wanting a stress free family time

Thanks for the recommendation Casie - Paige Sinclair CEO

Chris Roberts 26-Feb-2012

Dolphin Marine Magic is the best value for money to see the dolphins up close and personal forget all those theme parks...every one gets to touch the dolphins here......Whilst there we paid for our son to swim the dolphins still today we cannot wipe the smile off his face....was well worth the money paid and not expensive at all.....Thanks Guys we will be back

Thanks for the great comment - Paige Sinclair CEO

Debbie Kay 26-Feb-2012

Even though we are from the Gold Coast we try to visit the Pet Porpoise Pool as often as we can & would highly recommend it to anyone!! I am a single parent & find times tough with affording things but I def think this place is worth every penny on admission. It is a fantastic place for young & old, i think everyone that visits will have a remarkable time. We visited last in June last year for my lil man's 2nd bday as well as my 4yr old son, myself & Nanna & we all had a fantastic time. The kids got to have a dolphin & seal kiss, feed a seal, see the fantastic shows, feed the fish, feed the cute lil penguins, play ball with a dolphin, pat a dolphin, & my 4yr old was even chosen to be a dolphin dentist in the show, which i would have to say was the highlight of our trip. The pet porpoise pool is the most hands on interactive place I've been to & I would def recommend it as one of the best places I have taken my kids too, so many experiences & memories that will last a life time. We are planning on visiting again thru the school holidays & def plan to continue coming as often as we can :) 

Thanks Debbie for the fantastic testimonial we appreciate it - Paige Sinclair CEO 

Dionne Arthur 26-Feb-2012

What a wonderful day we had! My niece & Nephew came to visit from Toowoomba and had many wonderful encounters, they especially loved the seal & dolphin kisses and thought the little penguins were hilarious. They can't wait to come and visit again!

Thanks Dionne - we would like you to visit again - Paige Sinclair CEO

Emma C 26-Feb-2012

The Pet Porpoise Pool has always been such a great memorable place to visit I still get asked if we can go again every time we drive past. Great for the whole family!

Thanks Emma - Paige Sinclair CEO

Emma Rhoades 26-Feb-2012

My daughter loves the Pet Porpoise Pool so much she had her birthday party there. She loves how we can just wander around and look at the fish, penguins and the turtles after the show.

Thanks Emma - we love having birthdays here too. - Paige Sinclair CEO

Julie Karklis 26-Feb-2012

We first visited the Pet Porpoise Pool in 2005 when our girls were 11 and 5. Our 11 year old became enthralled with the dolphins and started her life long love of these majestic animals. The dolphin in the pool became attracted to her and subsequently brought the ball over to her to play catch and throw with. This continued for well over 30 minutes. We literally had to drag her away! She has had 'other' dolphin adventures but still considers the Pet Porpoise Pool to be the best! She turns 18 soon and is talking about experiencing the dolphin magic again!

Great story Julie - we hope you can visit very soon - Paige Sinclair CEO

Julie Steedman 26-Feb-2012

On the coldest day EVER in Coffs Harbour we swam with the beautiful Bella. It was a dream come true. I will be back later this year to do it again for my 40th!!!

Good for you - you are truly a brave person - Paige Sinclair CEO

keiren 26-Feb-2012

me and my kids would love to come up i never knew it was there till i found ur page on facebook my mum has been to ur ppp a lot of years ago and is looking forward to seeing whats changed we love dolphins so much we are coming up in 3 weeks

We have lots of changes we hope your mum will notice and we welcome you - Paige Sinclair CEO


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I seen Bucky on sash on TV just now. What an amazing spirit. I feel blessed to be kissed by a trooper. Xoxo thank you Greg for sharing an amazing dolphin. I work with Fuji and I am glad we have a photo booth for people to keep the memories. Sometimes it is all you have. I love my kiss picture with Bucky. Thank you for your photo. Paige Sinclair CEO..

Katherine Thompson

This was my last visit to The pet Porpoise pool 35 years ago I was 7. we used to go every year when I was little and my grandmother getting kissed by a seal was the highlight of the day. I loved feeding the fairy penguins and my dream is to one day swim with the dolphins. I would love to win passes to marine magic to experience it again with my family. What great memories Katherine, we hope to w..


My mum and I just spend the whole weekend at Pet Porpoise Pool, we travel from Tweed to Coffs just to see Buck and Zip, we love them and can't get enough. Already driven down 3 times this year, and every time it's amazing. And we loved seeing all 5 dolphins in the pool, Bella's a sneaky little thing! We got drenched by her plenty of times hahaha. Great to hear you enjoyed yourselves - Paige S..

Karen Purchase

I went up there nearly 2 yrs now after I turned 50. I had received money for my birthday and decided I wanted to do the “trainer for the day” experience. Was the best thing I have ever done in my life, seeing the behind the scene as well getting up and close to all the animals, my favourite parts were taking Elle for her walk around park twice, involved in show, and of course my experiences wi..

Bianca W

Thank you for our tour of your park. We have attended 3 times within the last 11years and have found this way was an amazing way to get up close with the animals and learn more about them. Our guide had lots of information to share and was very good at engaging with the children in the group. Highly recommend. We attended on the 14/7/20 Thank you for taking the time to share your lat..


My son had a brilliant dolphin swim with Trainer Stacey yesterday morning. Stacey was fun, informative and professional and zippy the dolphin was the perfect student loved loved our morning with these beautiful animals Thank you for your lovely feedback Jo, we will let Stacy & Zippy know!..

Diane Binks

Had a great visit to DMCP on Tuesday 30/6/2020, we had an escorted tour of the park with a very informative guide showing us around the park. This visit was very different to our normal visits but my granddaughter and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit! Thank you to all the wonderful people at the DMCP, you are all amazing! Hi Diane, Thank you for your lovely feedback, this is new to all..

Sharon Page

I took my two youngest grandchildren there in July 2018, they both loved it and still talk about it to this day, so we are planning to return with my oldest grandchild as well. They don't like the drive from Sydney, but they do love it there so it makes it worth the trip. Great place, educational and fun. Thank you Sharon, we look forward to seeing you again..

Sharon Fisher

My husband, daughter and my two grandchildren are driving up from Forster on the 26/06/20 to spend the weekend in Coffs Harbour for a getaway weekend.. My daughter , a single mum has just passed her paramedic course and is now in placement in Tea-gardens. She has been so flat out working 12hr shifts. So the reason to get them away for some quality time . I would love to surprise my grandbabies..

Jason lowe

The park is amazing I want to take my daughter their on November for her birthday she would love it so much Thank you Jason..

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