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Porpoise Pool helps sick animals

Porpoise Pool helps sick animals

Posted: 15-Jan-2010

THE Pet Porpoise Pool is known to locals and tourists for its fun and entertaining shows, interaction with animals and providing a magical close encounter experience for all guests to the park.
But the Pet Porpoise Pool continues to be a leader in rescue and rehabilitation of marine animals, especially green sea turtles.
Right now, there are five green sea turtles in rehabilitation at the pool, all of which are ready for release back into the ocean.
“One of the biggest issues facing these sea turtles is a symptom called ‘floating syndrome’, in which they have a problem with buoyancy,” Pet Porpoise Pool resident veterinarian Duan March said.
It inhibits the animal’s ability to dive and forage for food, so they become emaciated and exposed to the elements – human and otherwise, he said.
“Often they will starve, and they can be struck by boats because they can not dive, or they are washed around by waves onto rocks and beaches.
“On average we treat around 35 sea turtles a year, and successfully release 60 per cent of those back to the ocean. The others were either too sick to return to sea, had injuries so bad we had to euthanize them or, they died due to their condition.”
What can the general public do to help? Most turtles wash up on the beaches so if you see one, please contact the National Parks and Wildlife on phone 6652 0900.
Another danger to turtles is plastic bags. Turtles cannot tell the difference between jellyfish and plastic and swallowing a bag can lead to death.
The Pet Porpoise Pool celebrates its 40th birthday this year. It originally opened as a rescue and rehabilitation facility and since then has continued to win awards and recognition for its work with the animals as well as community and for its tourism.
The Pet Porpoise Pool is open daily from 9am to 4pm, with Marine Magic presentations at 10am and 1pm (as well as 4pm during NSW school holidays).
Contact the Pet Porpoise Pool on 6659 1900 for info. 

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I seen Bucky on sash on TV just now. What an amazing spirit. I feel blessed to be kissed by a trooper. Xoxo thank you Greg for sharing an amazing dolphin. I work with Fuji and I am glad we have a photo booth for people to keep the memories. Sometimes it is all you have. I love my kiss picture with Bucky. Thank you for your photo. Paige Sinclair CEO..

Katherine Thompson

This was my last visit to The pet Porpoise pool 35 years ago I was 7. we used to go every year when I was little and my grandmother getting kissed by a seal was the highlight of the day. I loved feeding the fairy penguins and my dream is to one day swim with the dolphins. I would love to win passes to marine magic to experience it again with my family. What great memories Katherine, we hope to w..


My mum and I just spend the whole weekend at Pet Porpoise Pool, we travel from Tweed to Coffs just to see Buck and Zip, we love them and can't get enough. Already driven down 3 times this year, and every time it's amazing. And we loved seeing all 5 dolphins in the pool, Bella's a sneaky little thing! We got drenched by her plenty of times hahaha. Great to hear you enjoyed yourselves - Paige S..


My daughter (4) and I would like to thank everyone at the Dolphin Conservation Park for the amazing work you do and the memorable experience you give to the public. All the animals are well taken care of, loved and respected. We had a shallow Dolphin private experience in the water with the gorgeous "Jett" and trainer Alice. I can't tell you how much we loved this incredible experience. It wil..

Jessica Higgins

My 3 kids, my mum and I had the pleasure of swimming with Zippy today, the experience was truly amazing. Seeing and touching a real dolphin was a dream come true. When I booked the experience I expected a long safety talk followed by a quick photo in the pool. What occured was the complete opposite. We played in the water with Zippy, each got to hug him individually. Thank you Jessi..

Andrew Willis

I have done two ultimate dolphin experience now the first with Bucky how has now passed on,and the second with his daughter Bella which both were a once in a lifetime experience. Thank you Andrew, we hope to see you again for perhaps your third!..

Tiffany Redko

Our family absolutely love animals of all kinds. I have enjoyed visiting many zoo and conservation parks near and far ( from Seaworld in SAN Diego to the SeaWorld on Coast Coast) Yesterday My son, step son and I took the opportunity to visit you guys with “FREE” entry because it was my Birthday...Wow what a fantastic opportunity for the community! Words can not express how grateful we are to a..


My first visit to The Pet Porpoise Pool was in 1980 and I found the dolphin show amazing and now years later I am fascinated at the entire concept of THE PET PORPOISE POOL What I like most is the dedication and passion from the staff at the pet porpoise pool for providing the injured marine and wildlife animals. a safe and happy place to recover and be loved by many visitors from all over the ..

Jody Hunt

I have been saying for years that I have wanted to visit Coffs Harbour since learning about Dolphin Marine Conservation Park. We finally were able to visit last Thursday and it was an even greater experience than I could have ever imagined or hoped for. From the amazing staff that made us feel so welcome, and the obvious passion and care for their animals and allowing such a hands on experienc..

Chrisavalanti manolakis

I got the opprotunity to swim with amazing jett last year. He was all over me and little did I know I was actually pregnant! One year later we are bringing our beautiful boy to come visit my good old friend jett in the next fortnight. Can't wait to reunite with all the gang. Such an amazing park and outrun sea world any day Thank you, we look forward to welcoming you all back here ag..

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