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Saving Bellingen's Black Swan

Saving Bellingen's Black Swan

Posted: 02-Sep-2019


Earlier this week, a post on the Bellingen Facebook page raised the alert about a well-known resident being in trouble.

"This is the black swan that lives at the Bellingen river," Ellie May Harris wrote. "It has a fishing lure stuck in its mouth. I was hoping by posting that someone who knows how to help it could see it."

But attempts by people from WIRES and community volunteers to capture the swan were initially unsuccessful.

Although he can't fly due to a damaged left wing, he proved quite adroit at foiling rescuers by making an on-water escape.

This morning, all the right circumstances aligned for a successful operation.

The veterinary team from Dolphin Marine Conservation Park were on their way with nets and towels (and as a backup, a dart gun), the swan was resting in the park near Lavenders Bridge, and Ainslie Jenkins, who moved to Bellingen only a few weeks ago, was on guard keeping curious children at bay.

Veterinarian Dr Duan March and vet nurse Kieran Marshall had a brief chat with Ainslie, who has been one of the key people watching the bird's worsening condition and trying to organise help.

Then expertly herding the swan away from the river, the pair managed to snaffle him in a net after a short chase, which you can see in the video:

Pinning him with the towels, they used a pair of pliers to cut and remove the fishing tackle that he had probably inadvertently ingested.

"There was a hook with three barbs on it and one of the barbs had gone in on the underside of the tongue, through the tongue, and was embedded in the top of the tongue, " Duan said. "So we just pushed it the rest of the way through, nipped the barb off, then took it back out the other way.

"He had about 70cm of fishing line going down his throat too, but that came out with the swivel on the end."

Duan said there was no sign of infection and the swan seemed in reasonable condition, so he was happy to release it straight back to its preferred habitat.

He thought the broken wing probably occurred months ago, and the white colour on the swan's left side is visible because the wing would have dragged on the ground at first, removing the black part of the feathers.

Duan said the damaged feathers should gradually be replaced by proper plumage, which will give the swan back his waterproofing but not the ability to fly.

"He doesn't have full extension of that wing, so there's obviously been a fracture. But it's stable now, it's all fibrosed up. And he doesn't really need to fly to be around here - he can paddle on the river and feed."

They were thankful that most of the equipment they had brought - wetsuits, flippers, dart gun - weren't needed

"If he'd got in the water, we could have been chasing him around for hours," Duan said. "And the last thing we wanted was to do was dart him.

"The less you intervene, the better. The motto is, as little as possible, as much as necessary."

Duan urged people to make a point of collecting and disposing of any fishing debris found in or near waterways.

"Fishing line kills more of the wildlife that we see than plastics do," he said.

Upon being released, the swan headed straight for the river for a good long drink and some assiduous preening of his feathers.


Story Courtesy

Janene Carey from The Bellingen Courier Sun 

August 15, 2019 

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I seen Bucky on sash on TV just now. What an amazing spirit. I feel blessed to be kissed by a trooper. Xoxo thank you Greg for sharing an amazing dolphin. I work with Fuji and I am glad we have a photo booth for people to keep the memories. Sometimes it is all you have. I love my kiss picture with Bucky. Thank you for your photo. Paige Sinclair CEO..

Katherine Thompson

This was my last visit to The pet Porpoise pool 35 years ago I was 7. we used to go every year when I was little and my grandmother getting kissed by a seal was the highlight of the day. I loved feeding the fairy penguins and my dream is to one day swim with the dolphins. I would love to win passes to marine magic to experience it again with my family. What great memories Katherine, we hope to w..


My mum and I just spend the whole weekend at Pet Porpoise Pool, we travel from Tweed to Coffs just to see Buck and Zip, we love them and can't get enough. Already driven down 3 times this year, and every time it's amazing. And we loved seeing all 5 dolphins in the pool, Bella's a sneaky little thing! We got drenched by her plenty of times hahaha. Great to hear you enjoyed yourselves - Paige S..

Rob Brigden

My wife and I are on a two week working holiday in Coffs Harbour and we are trying to see some of Coffs while we are here. Yesterday we walked from our accommodation to the Jetty Markets and were a little disappointed. Walking back to our resort, we passed the dolphins conservation park. My wife said "Would you like to go and have a look?" I didn't immediately know what the facility was. I was..

Shana Ghadially

Pet porpoise pool holds a special memory for our family. Our 6 year old daughter was thrilled as she had the experience of brushing the dolphin's teeth. And our four month old couldn't have dreamt in his wildest dreams that he was being kissed by a seal! we don't need the pics to remind us of those memories ... they are etched in our minds. It was a brilliant holiday we had at Coffs Harbour , ..

Lisa Park

We absolutely loved visiting the Dolphin Marine Conservation Park on our recent holiday in Coffs Harbour. The park is such a relaxed environment to learn lots about the animals and meet them up close and personal. We particularly enjoyed the Dolphin experiences and we will be back to do this again soon. Thank you to all the friendly staff for answering our many questions and making us feel ver..

Tracey Wall

Another thoroughly enjoyable time at the park today. We visit every 2 years on our holidays at Coffs. We have Dolphin pictures of the kids from each visit and it is always on the top of our list of "to do's". The staff are so great with all the animals and I recommend you guys to everyone. Thanks for all you do, for raising awareness and giving us and our children the opportunity to have up cl..


My most recent adventure to Dolphin Marine Magic was with my 6 year old son and he was lucky enough to participate in a dolphin encounter. He was unable to swim at the time but the staff were great and able to assist him to get up close with a dolphin. He really loved the experience, he has ASD and felt extremely comfortable with the animal more so than with anything else in the pool! So he ha..


I took my two children years ago and loved it now I have a 5 year old who desperately want dolphin and seal kisses.. making plans to go again very soon Thank you Jenny, Good Luck :)..

Joy Cook

The last time I went it was called "Pet Porpoise Pool". Took the Grandkids last Saturday. We all had a fantastic time. Well done everyone, keep up the great work. The Cook, Welsh and Beverleys. Great thank you!!! ..

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