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We receive loads of praise from our happy customers. Read through testimonials of past visitors to the park and even add your own - you could win free entry to the park for you and your family!

For your chance to win free entry for you and your family - write a testimonial

   A BIG congratulations to Ash who is our latest winner for this Quarter (July - Sept 2018). We look forward to welcoming you & your family to the park again soon.

Terrie C 26-Feb-2012

I've been to Pet Porpoise Pool as a young child. Now living in Coffs Harbour i have taken my children to share the experience. This photo is of my son Rhys on his birthday about 3yrs ago. He thought it was fun to brush the dolphins teeth. We all have had great times at the Pet Porpoise Pool with the animals and staff its a pleasure to watch them work and play.

Hi Terrie - thanks for your comments - Paige Sinclair CEO

toni 26-Feb-2012

One of the main reasons why I will never move out of Coffs Harbour .. How lucky are our children having the opportunity to make some great sea friends in this fun environment..I still remember those sloppy seal kisses with a smile.. <3

We love the fishy Kisses too, and the whiskers tickle!  Paige Sinclair CEO

Tracey W 26-Feb-2012

I have been living in Sandy Beach for 15 years currently, and everytime someone visits us, we allways take them to the Pet Porpoise Pool, Its a great family day out and we allways have lots of fun.

Thanks for your support - Paige Sinclair CEO

Vicke Muddle 26-Feb-2012

I have always thought Dolphins were a beautiful animal,but my visit to the Pet Porpoise Pool made me fall in love with them. Back in 2005 when i got married our honeymoon was to Coff Harbour (as with 3 kiddies it was hard to go to far from home) I loved my experience of patting and playing ball with one of the Dolphins and also getting a very fishy kiss from a seal. I also have a dolphin tattooed on my shoulder now because of my fantastic experience. Now my kids are older i would love to take them back for another experience and this time maybe even a swim with a dolphin...

We'd love to have you back - Paige Sinclair CEO

Vicki Healey 26-Feb-2012

We have very fond memories of the PPP, it was so wonderful for the girls and us to be able to touch the beautiful animals there, almost makes us want to move closer so that we can come more often :)

Thanks Vicki - there are lots of homes for sale in our area.  Paige Sinclair CEO

Lara H 12-Feb-2012

Sadly I don't have an image, if only I could take a snapshot of my mind! I am not even trying to win this for myself but for a gorgeous little guy and his Mum and brother. I have many memories of coming here on family holidays as a small girl and being so excited to shake the dolphins flipper and watching my mum get smooched in the audience by a massive fishy breathed seal. I am at the moment a part of a group fundraising to send a little 3 year old leukaemia patient to swim with dolphins at seaworld because Make A Wish is too full to take on his wish. Today after contacting Seaworld we found out he is too young for their programs and they would not help us. Needless to say we are all a bit gutted and then I remembered this and am so happy to see you are still open and operating (we moved to WA when I was 10 so I haven't been back). So I will be ringing to see if you can help us with an experience for someone his age but saw this and thought bugger it I might just try and win won while I'm at it!

Hi Lara
We will help you out and do what ever we can to make the little boy's wish come true, our team will be in contact with you very soon - Paige Sinclair CEO

Sharon B 12-Feb-2012

I have memories of the Pet Porpoise Pool from 30 Years ago. It was the first time I had ever been kissed......by a seal. I went on an excursion in March 1982 and I am planning to take my family back to visit in March, exactly 30 years later. I am interested if the trainer in the photo is still going strong. What an extraordinary opportunity!!

Hi Sharon, believe it or not Spencer the 'trainer' in the photo is still working with us today, thanks for your photo it is fabulous!  Paige Sinclair CEO

Eloise 07-Feb-2012

I visited PPP a few years ago while on holiday in Coffs with a friend. I have been wanting to go back ever since! I had such an amazing day, and still think about it all the time. The photo I have uploaded is framed and in my room. I LOVE marine life, and think PPP is a fantastic place. Thanks for the great memories, and I hope to visit again soon!

Thanks Eloise - we hope you come back soon too - Paige Sinclair CEO

jacki l 07-Feb-2012

I enjoyed feeding the seals and dolphins even back in 1975 at Coffs Pet Porpoise Pool when i was 6 years old.

That is great photo Jacki, the PPP Dolphin Marine Magic opened its doors back in 1970. Paige Sinclair CEO

Tracey F 07-Feb-2012

We have lived in Coffs for 5 years and whenever family or friends visit we try and get the chance to bring family along to the PPP. My parents treated our daughter, who is a mad animal enthusiast, to a dolphin experience which was amazing. We took our 5 year old niece and nephew when they came up last year. Our nephew has mild Asperger's and he was absolutely amazed. If you get the chance to spend some time here do it as it has so many different options for the whole family. The daily show is fabulous and loved the interaction. So lucky we live in the same town as this amazing facility. Well done PPP!!!!

Thanks Tracey for your continued support by bringing your guests to visit us and for the testimonial, Paige Sinclair CEO

Joanne Williams 31-Jan-2012

We have been coming to the Porpoise Pool for years, each time we come it gets better and better. Our family thinks this is the best Marine Park ever! We love how we can interact with the animals. My children think they want to grow up to be Marine Biologists. As they tell me this I wonder where did they get this idea, and then it hits me. The interest they have has been inspired by the show and your messages to keep our marine environment clean. My son will be staring Uni in the next few years ao I guess we will see. And the new stage looks great, we liked the boat but we think it was getting a little tired. See you again next year...keep up the great work! Jo

Jenny 08-Jan-2012

What a fantastic place, I loved it! I was in the water with the animals and was amazed how much interaction we had with the animals.  The seals were so cheeky and I could not believe how fast they were in the water.  We played piggy in the middle and the seal won every time.  I would highly recommend this place to everyone!!


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I seen Bucky on sash on TV just now. What an amazing spirit. I feel blessed to be kissed by a trooper. Xoxo thank you Greg for sharing an amazing dolphin. I work with Fuji and I am glad we have a photo booth for people to keep the memories. Sometimes it is all you have. I love my kiss picture with Bucky. Thank you for your photo. Paige Sinclair CEO..

Katherine Thompson

This was my last visit to The pet Porpoise pool 35 years ago I was 7. we used to go every year when I was little and my grandmother getting kissed by a seal was the highlight of the day. I loved feeding the fairy penguins and my dream is to one day swim with the dolphins. I would love to win passes to marine magic to experience it again with my family. What great memories Katherine, we hope to w..


My mum and I just spend the whole weekend at Pet Porpoise Pool, we travel from Tweed to Coffs just to see Buck and Zip, we love them and can't get enough. Already driven down 3 times this year, and every time it's amazing. And we loved seeing all 5 dolphins in the pool, Bella's a sneaky little thing! We got drenched by her plenty of times hahaha. Great to hear you enjoyed yourselves - Paige S..

Leah Bauerhuit

I last was at dolphin marine magic about 9 years ago and ABSOLUTELY loved the animals.One of my children has seen the park but not my youngest.I would really appreciate to win this as we are coming to Coffs Harbour in February......Please kind regards Leah 😘😘😘..

Annabelle Guest

I first saw the park and I was amazed I never seen a dolphin and to swim with one was the best. once you got over the cold chill of the water it was like your in a paradise. in a heartbeat, id go there again any time. Thank you Annabelle, we hope to welcome you back to the park some time soon! DMM team :)..

Karen Purchase

I turned 50 in August and I used the money from my family and friends to tick off 2 of my bucket list, to touch a seal and a dolphin. My dreams came to when I booked myself into being ‘’Trainer for the Day”, I blew my mind as I got to see everything from behind the park and how well looked after each animal, I got to walk seals an their exercise, participate in the show (I was so excited I for..

Jessica Harding

I’d love to thank Terry and his team today for all their help in making my Nan’s first time encountering a seal, a spectacular memory. My son had a dolphin encounter for his 11th birthday 8/12/18 so I thought I would get something nice done for my 90 year old nan. With struggling to walk and being elderly I emailed Terry and asked if he was able to help out in someway where we could beat the c..


What a great park the animals are so friendly.. the shows are amazing really enjoy them.. the dolphins were awesome great day Thank you Kellie, so glad to hear :)..


Thank you so much to the team at Dolphin magic, we had the BEST most MAGICAL time today. My 7 and 3 year old are still busy chatting about our visit, this really was a unforgettable experience and one I couldn’t recommend highly enough to both adults as well as kids. We live on the Gold Coast, but would take the 3.5 hour trip to Coffs again just to come to see Dolphin Magic!!! Oh tha..

Taquiah Lukaszewicz

Wow! What a thrilling and educating experience! The animals are all so beautiful and very well looked after ! Amazing to see such wonderful progress in helping out our sea life ! I did a ultimate experience and it was amazing! So many facts and encouragement on how to properly look after our environment , staff were amazing and just over all the best marine centre helping towards a better futu..

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