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We receive loads of praise from our happy customers. Read through testimonials of past visitors to the park and even add your own - you could win free entry to the park for you and your family!

For your chance to win free entry for you and your family - write a testimonial

 A BIG congratulations to Diane Binks who is our lucky winner for July-Sept 2020!! Best of luck to Oct - Dec entries!!

Donna Goldthorpe 24-Jun-2019

I had an amazing experience with my sister, we booked a swim with Jet one of your dolphins. We often talk about doing it again and asking our other sister to join us. A wonderful park and great for our kids to have these experiences right on our doorstep.


Thank you Donna, we look forward to seeing you all again sometime 

Chelsea baker 19-Jun-2019

We absolutely love coming to the park for a play and a visit! We Live about 5hrs away and always make the trip each year to Coffs Harbour as a family, The park is always our first activity we do! We have Swam with the dolphins, it’s amazing, our daughter played with and cuddled a seal and loved every second and as a family we love feeding the penguins! My daughter and I even got pulled out of the crowd to feed and brush dolphins teeth!! We can’t wait to return in early November!!


Thank you so much for sharing this with us & for regularly making the trip to see us 

Rosalind Cocker 03-Jun-2019

Hi my entry is not about having been there it is about wanting to see photos of my two beautiful grandchildren having fun there. We live in the U.K. our two gorgeous grandchildren EVELYN 7 and OLIVER 5 left our shores to a new life in Australia 5 years ago. It’s tough sending gifts as postal charges are so high. I saw this Park whilst looking for possible gifts I could book online for them. I thought how lovely it looked and wished I could go to a park like yours with them. That is not possible so the next best thing is to get them tickets and ask mummy and daddy to take videos and photo’s to send us so we can view these and get the next best thing. Nothing can replace being able to spend time there with them, but knowing they have smiled and enjoyed time in a beautiful park and spent time with the lovely dolphins and seals would lighten our hearts. This park is a beautiful country and this beautiful country has the honour of having our beautiful grandchildren. I hope they will enjoy the tickets we will get them.

Thank you Rosalind 

Melissa 03-Jun-2019

We visited last year and absolutely loved it! We had been to the Gold Coast and stopped over on the way home to Sydney. My 3 teenagers all agreed it was the best place we visited! We didn’t have time to swim with the dolphins but we are planning on returning this October and will allow more time. Thank you for a great experience

Thank you Melissa, we hope to see you in October :) 

Kristy Atkins 02-Jun-2019

This spectacular place is my absolute happy place and has been since the age of approx 10yrs of age . I moved to Coffs Harbour when I was 7. I met a dolphin for the first time and swam with them for the first time at the age of 10 and since then my passion has grown so much more . I am now 28 yrs old and living in Qld , my last memorable time was volunteering here at the park for 3+ months every Sunday before I relocated to Qld. My life was forever changed after spending every weekend I could there even when I was not volunteering I would hang by the pool with my fav dollies💕 I have an 8 month old now and we are visiting this coming weekend, would love nothing more than to share this with her and have her experience the joy I did . Thank you for all your amazing hard dedicated work you do , I’ll always be of support 🐬 much love Kristy Atkins I cannot wait to see Bucky particularly and calamity they are my faves

Thank you Kristy, what a lovely message for us :) 

Jeremy Edwards 14-May-2019

Hi, I would like to thank all the staff, that made my families day at the park on mothers day. It started with we were running late, after having to wait for a table at the cafe. I took my 2 year old to get a dolphin kiss, my wife had to go finish feeding our 2 month old. The staff at the kisses waited longer for my wife, this was much appreciated. after spending a couple of hours here we had went and got the family hug a seal photo, the staff here again where so friendly they made our 2 year old so comfortable and got her smiling for the photo. only down side my eyes where closed, though on a bright side, the photo people never charged us and we got to keep it. Its all these little things that make customers feel so welcomed and so thought of and want to come back.


Thank you Jeremy, sounds like a lovely Mother's Day for you all. We hope to see you & your family again soon. 

Tammy Hawkins 08-May-2019

By far the best family friendly park for children and adults to learn and interact with marine life. The staff are friendly and helpful, willing to answer any questions. There is something for everyone at any age. Love this park.


Hi Tammy, thank you for your feedback, we hope to see you again. 

Amy Gray 02-May-2019

I visited with my then new boyfriend in 2012, we have since had twins, now aged 4, who we are bringing for a visit this year on October. I can’t wait to watch them get a dolphin and and seal kiss, and interact with the animals at the park, which was the highlights for me. We loved our past visit so mush as a couple, and can’t wait to visit again as a family to reminisce and share the experience with our children.

Thank you Amy, we hope to see you & your family soon :) 

Karen 15-Apr-2019

It was the most amazing experience. Your staff looked after our assistance dog at the front counter and she happily slept the whole time we were in the park. We found the shows to be so educational and informative of marine conservation and the size of the park was perfect for our children (both have autism) to be able to cope. We had booked in for a meet the seal and a shallow swim with the dolphin, I wasn't sure how the kids would go but your staff just made it so relaxing and calm, they had the best time and when they got back to school in Tasmania they told their friends all about what they had learnt about the animals, how the skin of the dolphin and seal felt and most importantly the raspberry that Bella gave dad after she gave him a kiss(it was so funny).... Your staff not only explained the important issues to the kids in a way that they could understand but also made it a fun and a safe experience. So thankyou management and staff, we have highly recommend this park to family and friends. :)


Thank you for your feedback Karen, we are so pleased to hear that you had such a great time with us here at DMCP 

Stacey Grundy 13-Apr-2019

Omg, what can I say except what an amazing experience we had on our visit. My 3 girls and I did a shallow water dolphin experience and it was the best! The trainer was very informative and so good with the kids. The kids played games with the dolphin, fed it and had photos. The funniest was my youngest who played the game where she splashed the dolphin and then it splashed her back 20 times as much all over her. It was so cute and the kids and I loved it! We cannot wait to come back and do another experience with my husband and son joining us in the water :) My eldest daughter got chosen to come up and play games with the seal before our experience and she was so stoked. We seriously had the best time and have been raving about our perfect day. Thank you all for everything u do x


Thank you Stacey, sounds like a great day! 

Trudy Newman 13-Apr-2019

On Wednesday 10th April My husband and I bought our 4 year old grandaughter to your park. It was the best place that we could have bought her to. She learned so much in a smaller environment without the distractions of all the crowds and rides. Even at 4 she is passionate about keeping our oceans clean for our wildlife. She loved that she could interact with some of the animals and get to hand feed them. The highlight of her trip was being called out from among the guests to go up on stage and help in the dolphin show. She thought that was just wonderful. She will have memories to treasure and photos of a dolphin kiss (which was her next favourite thing) and the sea lion hug and a video of feeding the small penguins. We shared our experiences on social media and were inundated with by questions. The following day Emily wanted to go to the beach and take a bag to collect some rubbish. She was very proud to be able to collect some but also a bit angry that people put left it there in the first place. She can't wait to be 6 so that she can come back and have time in the water with the dolphins. Congratulations on your great efforts to educate the younger population as they are the adults of our future. We will definitely be back.


Thank you for this lovely feedback Trudy 

Shannon 10-Apr-2019

My husband and I stopped at coffs harbour for a night on our way to the gold coast on out honeyhoneymoon. We went to the dolphin marine park while there , and had an amazing time , got photo's being kisses by a dolphin and seal and got to get in the pool with a dolphin and give it a cuddle which is a big dream off my bucket list. Would really love to win as we are doing the big trip again and stopping at coffs harbour again and looking forward to taking our son to the dolphin marine park on his 1st holiday. Thank you Shannon


Thank you Shannon, we look forward to seeing you next time 


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My mum and I just spend the whole weekend at Pet Porpoise Pool, we travel from Tweed to Coffs just to see Buck and Zip, we love them and can't get enough. Already driven down 3 times this year, and every time it's amazing. And we loved seeing all 5 dolphins in the pool, Bella's a sneaky little thing! We got drenched by her plenty of times hahaha. Great to hear you enjoyed yourselves - Paige S..


Every time I come to Coffs Harbour I visit marine magic! My family and I can’t get enough of these beautiful animals. Can’t wait to bring my partner this year so he can experience why I love it so much. Thank you Georgia, we look forward to welcoming you back to the park!..

Karen Purchase

I went up there nearly 2 yrs now after I turned 50. I had received money for my birthday and decided I wanted to do the “trainer for the day” experience. Was the best thing I have ever done in my life, seeing the behind the scene as well getting up and close to all the animals, my favourite parts were taking Elle for her walk around park twice, involved in show, and of course my experiences wi..

Bianca W

Thank you for our tour of your park. We have attended 3 times within the last 11years and have found this way was an amazing way to get up close with the animals and learn more about them. Our guide had lots of information to share and was very good at engaging with the children in the group. Highly recommend. We attended on the 14/7/20 Thank you for taking the time to share your lat..


My son had a brilliant dolphin swim with Trainer Stacey yesterday morning. Stacey was fun, informative and professional and zippy the dolphin was the perfect student loved loved our morning with these beautiful animals Thank you for your lovely feedback Jo, we will let Stacy & Zippy know!..

Diane Binks

Had a great visit to DMCP on Tuesday 30/6/2020, we had an escorted tour of the park with a very informative guide showing us around the park. This visit was very different to our normal visits but my granddaughter and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit! Thank you to all the wonderful people at the DMCP, you are all amazing! Hi Diane, Thank you for your lovely feedback, this is new to all..

Sharon Page

I took my two youngest grandchildren there in July 2018, they both loved it and still talk about it to this day, so we are planning to return with my oldest grandchild as well. They don't like the drive from Sydney, but they do love it there so it makes it worth the trip. Great place, educational and fun. Thank you Sharon, we look forward to seeing you again..

Sharon Fisher

My husband, daughter and my two grandchildren are driving up from Forster on the 26/06/20 to spend the weekend in Coffs Harbour for a getaway weekend.. My daughter , a single mum has just passed her paramedic course and is now in placement in Tea-gardens. She has been so flat out working 12hr shifts. So the reason to get them away for some quality time . I would love to surprise my grandbabies..

Jason lowe

The park is amazing I want to take my daughter their on November for her birthday she would love it so much Thank you Jason..

Rachel Knight

Best birthday ever! I spent two days at Coffs Harbour on January 6 and January 7. I travelled down on the 5th and left on the 8th, my sole reason for traveling 7 hours by train each way being to spend my birthday at your park which is on January 6. I loved it so much and everyone was so friendly that I have already booked my next holiday for 2021 so I can see you all again. My first day I book..

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